The UWP encompasses two courses: English 1001 (1st year / 1st semester) and English 2000 (2nd year / 2nd semester). We feature about 350 sections per year of excellent, college-level writing instruction. Writing at the university level is significantly different from the writing you have done in high school. Employers constantly tell us that being able to write and communicate effectively is extremely important for securing and advancing past the entry level of a job. Furthermore, it is essential for graduate school, even in non-Humanities disciplines. We also feature some of the smallest classes at LSU in which your faculty will work with you one-on-one to improve your writing.


The links to the left offer more information and resources for faculty and students in the writing program. Please check back regularly for updates and useful resources.






Please note, the University Writing Program is aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


Assessment essays are be due to by noon on Wednesday, December 3rd. Please make sure that your Fall 2014 syllabus deadline is December 2nd or earlier.

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The UWP is very proud of its award-winning faculty!